Resistances to Behavioural Change to Reduce HIV/AIDS Infection in Predominantly Heterosexual Epidemics in Third World Countries

Edited by Caldwell, John, Pat Caldwell, John Anarfi, Kofi Awusabo-Asare, James Ntozi, I.O. Orubuloye, Jeff Marck, Wendy Cosford, Rachel Colombo and Elaine Hollings

Published 1999

The following articles are in PDF format.

Published in Canberra ACT Australia by the Health Transition Centre, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Australian National University

Preface (8 Kb pp. I)


The sexual context

1. Barriers to behaviour change as a response to STD including HIV/AIDS: the East African experience(55 Kb) (pp. 1-11)
Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo, L. Tendo-Wambua, B. Babishangire, J. Nyagero, N. Yitbarek, M. Matasha and T. Omurwa

2.South African young people's sexual dynamics: implications for behavioural responses to HIV/AIDS (89 Kb) (pp. 13-34) Christine A. Varga

3. Barriers to sexual behaviour change after an HIV diagnosis in sub-Saharan Africa (25 Kb) (pp. 35-39)
Karla Meursing

4. Challenges to sexual behavioural changes in the era of AIDS: sexual cleansing and levirate marriage in Zambia (91 Kb) (pp. 41-57)
Jacob R.S. Malungo

5. The community-health services interface: the critical issue for AIDS prevention (26 Kb) (pp. 59-63)
Bengt Höjer

6. Deaths, HIV testing and sexual behaviour change and its determinants in Northern Uganda (96 Kb) (pp. 65-80)
Natal Ayiga, James P.M. Ntozi, Fred E. Ahimbisibwe, Jonathan Odwee and Francis N. Okurut

7. Inititating behavioural change among street-involved youth: findings from a youth clinic in Accra ( Kb) (pp. 81-90)
John Anarfi

8. Long-distance truck drivers' sexual cultures and attempts to reduce HIV risk behaviour amongst them: a review of the African and Asian literature (44 Kb) (pp. 91-100)
Jeff Marck


9. Death is pre-ordained, it will come when it is due: attitudes of men to death in the presence of AIDS in Nigeria (94 Kb) (pp. 101-111)
I.O. Orubuloye and Folakemi Oguntimehin

10. Obstacles to behavioural change to lessen the risk of HIV infection in the African AIDS epidemic: Nigerian research (55 Kb) (pp. 113-124)
John C. Caldwell, I.O. Orubuloye and Pat Caldwell

11. All die be die': obstacles to change in the face of HIV infection in Ghana (53 Kb) (pp. 125-132)
Kofi Awusabo-Asare, Albert M. Abane, Delali M. Badasu and John K. Anarfi


12. The Zimbabwe HIV prevention program for truck drivers and commercial sex workers: a behaviour change intervention (22 Kb) (pp. 133-137)
Karen Mupemba

13. Reproductive health and the condom dilemma: identifying situational barriers to HIV protection in South Africa (190 Kb) (pp. 139-155)
Eleanor Preston-Whyte


14. Changing partner relations in the era of AIDS in Upper-North Thailand (55 Kb) (pp. 157-170)
Wassana Im-em

15. The social context of risk and protection amongst young people and women in Churachandpur, India (55 Kb) (pp. 171-182)
S.M. Gifford, N. Suanching, J. Tusing, Neng Ngaih Lian, B. Langkham and V.L. Muana

16. Continued high-risk behaviour among Bangladeshi males (65 Kb) (pp. 183-196)
Bruce Caldwell and Indrani Pieris

17. HIV/AIDS and female street-based sex workers in Dhaka city: what about their clients? (110 Kb) (pp. 197-210)
Maurice Bloem, Enamul Hoque, Lusy Khanam, Trisna Selina Mahbub, Moshfaqua Salehin and Shanaz Begum

18. Resistance to condom use in a Bangladesh brothel (691 Kb) (pp. 211-222)
Carol Jenkins


19. Understanding cultures of sexuality: lessons learned from HIV/AIDS education and behaviour change among gay men in Australia (37 Kb) (pp. 223-231)
Gary W. Dowsett


20. Behavioural change to reduce the risk of HIV infection: comments from a donor's perspective (12 Kb) (pp. 233-234)
Per Bolme

21. Obstacles and challenges to sexual behaviour change (10,874 Kb:)
Kofi Awusabo-Asare

22. Reasons for limited sexual behavioural change in the sub-Saharan African AIDS epidemic, and possible future intervention strategies (72 Kb) (pp. 241-256)
John C. Caldwell

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